African solutions to their problem lies within us but we refused to acknowledge it.

It’s very surprising that we rather run to and fro seeking solutions for where we can never get it. We can solve it as one big family rather than going around begging the same people that planted the discord among us for help.

We must come together as one and unit ourselves and seek each other opinions on how to improve on our divers economy.

We must also try to form a policy that will put an end to the violence ravaging our countries in Africa and and create an enabling environment that will enhance trading amongs the nations in Africa.

We must also try to reform and strengthen our constitutions that will enable the people to hold their leaders accountable if they failed to fulfill their campaign promises or embezzle public funds.

We also must create a policy that check and monitor all our leaders and public servants from embezzling the public funds and create a bill that will allow anyone found guilty to face the law.

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